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I’m really scared of shampoo. It’s a scary thing. And I’m not being some sort of unhygenic bastard who doesn’t like to wash his hair or anything. That was so last year for me. No, I’m scared of shampoo because … Continue reading

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The Sunday Story

It’s Sunday again and that means I’ve got to do whatever was suggested last week. I’m sighing right now, because no one but Steve suggested something, and in his usual obtuse manner, he suggested something highly ridiculous. And so I … Continue reading

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A Musical Manifesto

Someone (I can’t remember who, and I can’t be bothered to look it up), once said ‘A life without music is a life not worth living.’ I disagree. I believe that a life without music doesn’t exist. It’s just a … Continue reading

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Dr. Troublesleep or How I Came to Hate My New Room

I’m in a new house. Have been for about three months now, but everyone else moved in a week or so ago. Since then it’s become painfully apparent that my ground floor room sucks balls. It’s right next to the … Continue reading

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I’m so lazy

I’m really quite pathetic. I’ve done nothing with my day apart from watch tv and play games. It’s just not really on, and I feel terrible for it, but then that’s my own fault really. And the worst thing is … Continue reading

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