Thoughts: House Series 4 Ep 1

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I love House. I think it’s probably one of the best dramas on tv for two reasons; firstly, it’s got a brilliant story about an utterly emotionally crippled cripple and the people who try to both impress and contain him, and secondly, every episode is wonderfully self contained so that everyone can enjoy it, fan of the series or not. One of my friends even says that this is why it’s bad; ‘Every episode is the same. Sick person has an undiagnosable disease, and House diagnoses it.’ Well only if you’ve only seen a few episodes. Once you’ve seen more than that, you’re likely to be hooked. Beware, spoilers beneath the cut.

So at the end of the last series (or season for those across the Ocean), Amber was killed in what was some of the best tv I’ve seen in years. House got drunk, called her up in the middle of the night to get her to get Wilson to come pick him up, but she did it instead. The bus crashes and through a medical complication she dies. Just a bit of retrospective adoration for that last episode of the last series; bloody well done for making me feel really sad about Amber dying, as I’d wanted her to leave since she’d turned up on the program. That’s damn good tv, to be quite honest.

So coming to this episode, we’re given House being his usual self playing games in some coma patient’s room, on Wilson’s first day back. Being the emotionally crippled man he is, he hasn’t spoken to his best friend yet, and this begins the chain of events that leads you to one pretty obvious conclusion, only to be rebuffed with an utterly gobsmacking ending. I really, really didn’t see it coming, and it was refreshing to be caught wrong when watching a television show before. It doesn’t happen often, and I’m not saying that because I guess the ending of every episode of anything I watch; I’m saying that when I do come to a conclusion, and then it’s believably shown to be wrong, I’m rather impressed.

House’s support staff are left to handle the case of a feminist while he plays his childish games on Wilson, and it was rather nice to see Foreman given a bit more time to lead the team, after the teaser we saw at the beginning of the last series. The rest were all very capable, especially 13, who finally gave us an answer to the whole Huntingtons mystery.

All in all, the episode was a very strong start from a very strong show, and I’m very glad that we’re finally starting to get good television again, Prison break excepted, which has become a bit of a hilarious farce.


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