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Far Cry 2: Cry Some More

I was reading an article on the theory of Far Cry 2’s ‘slow burn’, which is the idea that it takes a while to get going, but once it does it’s rather brilliant. While this may be true of some … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Exercise

It’s actually reading week, so I didn’t have a Creative Writing seminar. However, I do have some coursework due in that I wrote on the train last night, so I’m going to throw that up. Be warned though; it’s nearly … Continue reading

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Thoughts: The RPS Thinkosium

So yesterday I went on a pilgrimage to London (for the second time in four days), to attend the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Thinkosium, a gathering of minds so vast and intellectual they could only be held for a few hours … Continue reading

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Impressions: Prince of Persia

I’m going to keep this breif, because I’m shattered. As some of you may know, I went to London today to attend an RPS Event (of which I shall blog tomorrow). A by-product of this was that I was in … Continue reading

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The Sunday Story

It’s that time again. And I know I didn’t write anything yesterday or the day before, but I was in London. I’ll get around to writing something about it soon. Maybe even tonight if I don’t succumb to Far Cry … Continue reading

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