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Ta Ra

I’m off for a good 30 hours. I’m going to London to see Mogwai tonight, and then go see a Pinter play tomorrow, starring the excellent Michael Gambon and David Walliams. Yes, I know you’re seething with jealousy, but we … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Saints Row 2

Inevitably Saints Row 2 is going to be compared to GTA IV. So just to get that out of the way first; yes, Saints Row 2 doesn’t live up to Rockstar’s looming behemoth of a title. However, the great thing … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Exercise

As per last week, I shall slip through the grip of trying to figure out what to write today by doing something I’ve already written. Take that original thought! So yes, today I shall transpose the best bit of writing … Continue reading

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The Day Off

I’ve not had a day to myself since… Monday? Last week. To be fair, one of those days I was going to a comedy gig, but that involved almost my entire day being taken up by stuff. So yes, I … Continue reading

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The Sunday Story

It be that time again. Once more I shall delve into the depths of my imagination, pulling some depressing and deformed literary baby kicking and screaming out of my mind and into the world. It’ll probably die a death rather … Continue reading

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