The Monthly Refurbishment

May not have been used.

So as I’ve done for the past three months, the last day of each I rework the site trying out a new theme/header combo. This time I’ve gone for something a bit more refreshing, rather than the quite dark last theme. I also rather like the caligraphy of the font I’ve used on the header. And no I’m not gay. Let me know what you think in the comments, whether it’s an improvement on the old one or not, as the case may be.


About Phill Cameron

I've graduated, had a look at the world, and spat. Now I'm devoting my time to moving from 3/4 of a games journalist to 9/10ths. I figure I can get away with 9/10ths.
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2 Responses to The Monthly Refurbishment

  1. Seniath says:

    What’s with the crunchie bar (or whatever piece of confectionary that is)?

    But yes, nice font on the header image, and a very sharp and clear theme in general.

  2. xthepoisonedspongex says:

    It’s sponge cake! Cretin!

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