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Musical Guilt

We’ve got a new Radiohead album. It’s good. Everyone rejoices, very happy. Good good, what what, carry on, carry on. By the time my fifth playthrough came about, a familiar feeling began to sink over me, a malaise of the … Continue reading

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Manipulation and Evocation: Exploring The Dead Island Trailer

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the gut punch. I know how they can wind you. Better? Ok. That was yesterday. Since then, this trailer has gone viral. It’s ballooned, popped, and carried on being filled with air, … Continue reading

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RAMming Speed

(It’s a pun.) My computer is starting to creak. The caulk is all gone, and there’s water seeping in through the bilge into the bilge and it’s all getting really bilgy. By which I probably mean dusty, and worn out, … Continue reading

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TV Wot is Good

I watch a hell of a lot of tv. It sits there in my procrastinator’s toolbox, the most powerful of the bunch. It’s power wasn’t quite as omnipotent when I had two working monitors, but now that I’m down to … Continue reading

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Me and Procrastination

These daily posts aren’t really all that daily. They’re more nightly. There’s a very good reason for that, most of which isn’t the fact that night is the time when I can relax and think about getting something like this … Continue reading

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