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Podcast List-O-Tron

PODCASTS! Listed in no particular order, except whatever order it currently is on my media player. I’ll link websites and RSS, because you’re worth it. (You might not be worth it, but I’ll take the chance.) A Life Well Wasted … Continue reading

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I think, beyond the Oroboros-like fascination with death and the natural progression from personal death to the complete destruction of mankind, the reason we’re obsessed with the post apocalypse at the moment is partly due to the landscape of it … Continue reading

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It’s never enough. I can always be doing something more. I can always push myself that little bit further. But I don’t, because I’ve Done Enough. Because, at the end of the day, I’ve moved myself forward that incremental little … Continue reading

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Running Pictures

I’ve been pumping out at least half a thousand words every day so far, but I figure it’s more an effort and an interest thing than sheer volume, so today I’ve done something slightly different. Today’s been pretty typically overcast, … Continue reading

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The Cause of Gauze

This is the first proper one, and already I’m trying to think of something interesting to put up here, and coming up with only a handful of half-formed ideas and a collection of crappy lists. Lists are a cop-out, unless … Continue reading

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Oneaday, or Something Along Those Lines

It’s a New Year. That means there’s all sorts of feelings of renewal and rejuvenation beginning. It’s a blank slate! Except someone came along and filled it in before you could get anything done, and now it’s just as messed … Continue reading

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Update Required

Hey man, how are you? Yeah, I know, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. Oh, it’s nothing really, just started getting published in a few magazines, starting to earn a wage. The usual stuff. You know, right?

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