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Thoughts: Saints Row 2

Inevitably Saints Row 2 is going to be compared to GTA IV. So just to get that out of the way first; yes, Saints Row 2 doesn’t live up to Rockstar’s looming behemoth of a title. However, the great thing … Continue reading

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Thoughts: World of Goo

I honestly don’t know where to begin on this one. This game is so startlingly brilliant on so many levels that it’s difficult to say ‘oh yeah that’s the stand out thing’ and then begin with that. Perhaps a description … Continue reading

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Thoughts: The Rural Alberta Advantage: Hometowns

Just to quickly put this album in perspective; Take The Shins and cross it with Neutral Milk Hotel (ignore the video, and listen to the music), you’ll get something approaching The Rural Alberta Advantage. I’m not claiming that it’s better … Continue reading

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Thoughts: WALL-E

I saw WALL-E for the second time yesterday, and I was just as enthralled by it as I was the first time. It is, quite definitely, the best children’s film I’ve enjoyed as an adult. I was thinking of writing … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Spore

So you may have noticed a certain lateness in my posts yesterday and the complete lack of any so far today. There’s one pretty good reason for that, and it’s only because I had to get some grocery shopping today … Continue reading

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