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Thoughts: Kill Kill Faster Faster

Fuck. I do try to avoid expletives in this blog, but man, this film has hit me pretty hard. It’s probably the most depressing film this side of Requiem for a Dream, and I’m still trying to figure out whether … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Prison Break Series 4

Prison Break is an odd tv show for me. I got into the first season about half way through, then watched it pretty solidly all the way through to the end of last year, when they had escaped from Sona … Continue reading

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Thoughts: The Fantastic Plastic Machine – Fantastic Plastic Machine

On the urgings of a friend I’ve been having a look at Fantastic Plastic Machine, the stage name of Japanese DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka. With it’s odd mix of bossa nova, lounge music and sampling, there is something wonderful about it, … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Eluvium – Copia

I’ve been listening to this for the last week or so pretty much solidly, so I thought it was about time I justified such wanton appreciation with a little text to elaborate on just why it’s so great. I’ve only … Continue reading

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