Impressions: Prince of Persia


I’m going to keep this breif, because I’m shattered. As some of you may know, I went to London today to attend an RPS Event (of which I shall blog tomorrow). A by-product of this was that I was in London at the same time as the London Games Fringe, which meant I was able to play some (one) games that aren’t out yet. Here’s what I got from playing a bit of the new Prince of Persia game.

I’ve really enjoyed the past three Prince of Persia games, even the moody middle child, so coming to this reinvention of the series seemed slightly odd at first. Mostly due to the visuals, which have dived headfirst into cell shading and comic book graphics. It’s rather pretty, in a sort of ‘wouldn’t this look great if it was an animated film’ way, but really it doesn’t do much to disguise the fact that this is fundamentally a very similar game to the other three in the series. It follows the same mechanics, the same ideas, and it’s really only the combat that diverts any distance from the previous iterations.

It’s rather pretty combat, but I sense it’s got not much substance to it. You use one button to attack with your sword, one to grip with your wierd clawed glove thing, and one to perform acrobatic moves. Chain these together and you have a nice cinematic fight. But that’s about it. There’s a bit of blocking and countering, but it’s fundementally quite shallow. Which is really fine, as it’s a game about getting from A to B more than a game about cutting up bad guys.

It may seem like I’ve skimmed over the game elements a little here, and that’s with good reason. There’s something horrifically wrong with Prince of Persia. It’s not the sort of ‘I’ll soldier through it’ wrong either. The writing, the voice acting, and the cutscenes (which are unskippable, and hellishly long, from what I’ve seen) are of such a low standard that they had me literally hating the Prince after he’d uttered his first sentence. They’ve tried to make him a wise cracking smart ass. And instead he comes across as a massive cock.

So that’s my impressions of Prince of Persia. And I don’t really think I’m going to be buying it whenever it comes out.

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